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The Wet Room

One emerging trend in home building is the growing popularity of wet room bathrooms — a space that’s fully constructed using materials designed to get wet. They typically include a shower and freestanding tub together in their own glass enclosure. Everything in a wet room bathroom can withstand moisture, from the fixtures to the flooring and wall coverings. Wet room bathrooms can be a smart solution for small spaces, and a luxury compoent of an upscale bathroom in a high-end home.

At one of our current jobs, a small renovation, the clients have decided a wet room bathroom would be perfect for their lifestyle and needs. And so we’ve been making it happen. As you can see in the photo below, the freestanding tub and shower are all in the same tiled enclosure. The bright and airy space will soon be behind a beautiful glass door, which is currently on order. The result is a super modern look that keeps the water in the area it belongs, while the rest of the bathroom remains high and dry.

The clients wanted to utilize the modest space of the bathroom in the most efficient way possible, without sacrificing tub or shower. And they’re not alone — many of our clients are very interested in having something similar. This renovation is nearing completion, and we’ll bring you some more photos of the finished product when they’re available.