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Tape and Mud

Over in Anglemont, we’re making excellent progress on one of our current projects, a 2,500 square foot basement entry close to the golf course. As you can see in the photo below, we’ve wrapped up the drywall stage of this project. It’s gone smoothly, allowing us to move forward with painting this week. We’ve hung all the doors and trimmed out them out, along with the windows. This means our painters will be spraying the doors and trims and rolling on the first coats on the walls in the coming days.

Meanwhile, outside, we’re also wrapping up the exterior. Siding is almost completed, and deck railings are being installed. The garage doors have also been installed.

Cabinet installations should begin next week. Our clients are anxiously waiting to move into their home, and we’re determined to deliver it to them on time. Stay tuned for more photos as the finishing stages move forward on this beautiful home.