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Rising from the Ashes…

Let the rebuilding begin.

On the Shuswap’s North Shore, the recovery from last year’s catastrophic wildfires is officially underway. We’ve started construction of one of many homes that we’ll be rebuilding for clients eager to return to their lives.

The top photo above was taken just days after our clients’ home burnt to the ground last August. And the bottom photo above, taken this past week, shows the completed demolition and the finished excavation for the new home’s foundation. The 2,600 square foot home was perfect for our clients before it was destroyed, and with the exception of some interior finishing changes, we’re rebuilding the identical home for them. We received our permits at the end of last week, and just one week later, we’re ready to start prepping the footings.

You might be wondering why we didn’t build on the same foundation.

“Every foundation we have looked at was too heat damaged to retain structural integrity,” explains Marcus Picton, CIFH President and CEO. “Most had significant cracking and spalling. I am not aware of any that survived, as the temperatures were too intense. A visual inspection by a structural engineer of the concrete was enough to confirm this and, they also look at the colour of the concrete which changes with high temperatures.”

We’re ecstatic to be able to help these clients get back into the their home. They live here full year-round, so it’s vital for us to have it completed as quickly as we can while making sure we take care and pay attention to detail. Fortunately, our clients were able to find a suitable rental in Salmon Arm during this difficult time.

We’ll post additional photos of this rebuild in the months ahead, and of others that we’ll be starting in the near future.