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Radical Facelift!

Recently, we started a new project in Eagle Bay that’s truly intriguing. It’s a whole-home renovation, but one with a twist. Most of the dozens of large-scale renovations we’ve done over the years involve modernizing and enlarging an outdated, inefficient, older Shuswap home (think lake front cabin transformation). In this case, the home isn’t that old, and it certainly isn’t decrepit or small. But the style of the home, traditional timber frame, isn’t doing it for the owner. She’s asked us to transform it into a modern, contemporary open concept home.

It was obvious that the first step needed to be gutting the interior of the house. That would allow us and our client to better envision exactly what we would do together. In the left photo below, you can see how the home looked prior to the beginning of the project. And in the right photo below, which is taken from a similar vantage point, you can see how it all looks stripped down to its bones, ready for the rebuilding process. Our thanks to Project Manager Heidi Friesen, who is leading this renovation, for the photos.

At this point, we’re all taking a pause so that we can have a full discussion about how to proceed. Possibilities include shifting the stairs over to provide more room for an enlarged modern kitchen, raising the beam in the kitchen (which runs across the entire house) to create a more spacious feeling underneath the lofted second floor area, and shrinking the banister to allow a lot more light into the kitchen from the living room.

Needless to say, we love undertaking these types of challenging projects. They allow us to create something unique — and possibly even acquire new knowledge and skills along the way.

We’ll look forward to showing you more photos of this project as we move forward in the coming weeks and months!