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Handoff in the Heights

As we hand off yet another Copper Island Fine Home to happy clients, we’re reminded that each house we build involves a relationship.

In this case, we’re handing over the keys for a home that we started building early this year. But the actual process began in July, 2018, when we first met our clients, who are from Alberta and wanted to retire in Blind Bay. They needed help finding a building lot that met their needs and expectations—and in their case, a lake view at the top of the list.

We assessed this MacArthur Heights lot for them and discovered it would indeed have a lake view after a few challenges were dealt with—some tall trees and a neighbour’s roof below were the main concerns. The trees could be easily dealt with, and we resolved the roof issue by having our surveyor shoot some elevation to ensure views would be available from both floors of a new house.

Our clients went ahead and purchased the lot August 2019, and we started our custom design and pricing process to fit their budget. Last December, we reached an agreement and signed a contract. With that in place, we started work.

Our original completion date was scheduled for November 27. Through hard work, creative scheduling, and a complete buy-in from our clients in terms of providing their choices and contributions on time, we completed the home this week. In the end, we were able to let our clients take possession nine weeks ahead of schedule, so that they could take advantage of the final weeks of summer to enjoy it.

They’re looking forward to moving in, settling into their new community, meeting the neighbors, and enjoying the golf course. And their also looking forward to directing the landscaping of their impressive new home.

Our thanks to our clients—like our staff and subtrades, they put a lot of effort into making their new home, with its impressive westward lake views, become a reality.