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Gorgeous Deck Ceiling

We’re always amazed with the creativity that many of our clients bring to their own projects. A great example of this can be found at one of current builds, a beautiful rancher that we’re wrapping up in the Highlands subdivision of Shuswap Lake Estates.

In this case, our clients wanted to add some natural materials to the upper deck to create a feeling of warmth when they’re outside. So instead of a typical ceiling made from aluminum soffit material, they opted for a wood ceiling. We sourced some really nice tongue & groove cedar from Valleyview Industries out of Kamloops. Derek Lidstone of Lidstone Construction, who we’ve subcontracted to side this project for us, agreed to install it. He applied a clear coat stain on the cedar before installing. The result, as you can see in the photo below, is simply stunning!

Derek has also completed all the Hardieplank siding and will be finishing up wrapping the posts and beams in fir as he works to finish the exterior. Inside, we’re moving along as well. Laminate flooring and tile has installed, and baseboards and cabinet installs take place this coming week. We’re aiming to complete this project by the middle of August to allow our clients the last few weeks of summer in their new home.