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Fast Foundation!

One of our current projects, a whole home renovation in Eagle Bay, was a perfect candidate to use one of the building industry’s most intriguing new innovations – helical screw piles.

As the name suggests, and as you can see in the photos below, helical screw piles are a steel post with a single blade auger bit that are drilled into the soil to provide an extremely fast and efficient way of creating a solid foundation for a building, deck or home extension. Our renovation project was ideal for this technology, as it involves an extension of the main house and an expanded deck. The helical screw piles allowed us to create an incredibly strong base for the new construction without needing to dig, blast or compromise the existing foundation of the structure.

Our subcontractor for this work was Kevin Parkin of Techno Metal Post Kelowna, the local dealer for Techno Metal Post, a Canadian company based in Quebec. Techno Metal Post produces its own proprietary helical screw piles and the specialized machinery required for installation. Kevin worked with us to carefully design a helical screw piling system that met our requirements for load, soil type and other factors. Once on site, the installation was precisely completed in just one day.

We couldn’t be happier with the work. With winter bearing down on us, these pilings allow us to immediately move forward with framing construction as we proceed towards lockup stage. Making use of this exciting emerging technology is just another way that we meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing world.

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