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Crafting Dreams Beam By Beam

Welcome to the heart of our Anglemont project, a testament to dedication and craftsmanship. We’ve just completed the installation of 28 beams throughout the entire home, thanks to the expertise of the Woodbeam Company. Neil, our point of contact, ensured smooth communication and collaboration, resulting in beams crafted from fir, exuding a rustic allure with visible knots and grain lines.

Our main challenge? Finding the perfect stain. It took several trips to the store and numerous samples before we landed on the ideal shade. But perseverance paid off, and we’re all satisfied with the final outcome.

Mark and Chuck, our reliable hands-on deck, worked diligently to exceed our expectations, finishing ahead of schedule—a commendable achievement indeed. The culmination of meticulous planning and hard work—a space where every beam tells a story of dedication and attention to detail.