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Cool Tool: Our New Walabot

While we prepare some project updates this week, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of our latest tookbox addition: a spanking new Walabot.

What’s a Walabot? It’s like an oldfashioned stud finder on steroids. The company that builds it calls it an “in-wall imager” and we’ve quickly discovered that it not only helps us find studs, but also pipes, wires and even pests. And it does this with incredible accuracy — for example, it doesn’t just find a stud, it locates the center of the stud. The device attaches to the back of an Android or Apple smartphone, and the two connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi. After a quick calibration, you can then lightly pass it over any wall surface to see what’s underneath, as deep as four inches under the surface.

How does it work? The Walabot device uses radio signals with antennas tuned to various frequencies to scan behind the surface of walls. That signal is converted into a visual display on the connected smartphone that allows the user to ‘see’ through walls, revealing the ideal locations to attach wall mounts, shelves, and other heavy items. And of course, it also reveals what isn’t an ideal location to drill — for example, into wires or pipes.

“Our new Walabot is an incredible little time-saving device,” says Marcus Picton, President and Owner of Copper Island Fine Homes. “Copper Island is not just the Shuswap’s leading new home builder — we’re also the Shuswap’s leading renovator. And with interest in renovations peaking right now due to market conditions, the Walabot gives us another little edge in efficiency.”