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Breaking Rock

Rock outcroppings have always been a reality here in the Shuswap, and we’ve done our fair share of rock breaking (and even blasting) to prepare ideal house locations on various building sites. That’s exactly what we’re doing this week over in the North Shore as we prep a site for a beautiful new West Coast rancher.

Prior to starting this project, we knew that we’d have to break some rock to maximize the home’s location, but as it turned out, the situation wasn’t quite as bad as we initially believed it would be. Our excavation contractor for this project, Spooner Excavating, has been making much better progress than expected, as the site’s rock has been fracturing quite easily. So instead of two weeks of work for this stage, we’ll be wrapping it up in approximately one week and moving forward with cribbing for the foundation.

This type of work can add significant expense given the reliance on heavy equipment, but there’s often a silver lining, as the fractured boulders can be utitlized for landscaping and rock retaining walls, while the smaller shale makes for excellent backfill material.

More photos of this exciting new project will be coming in the next few months.