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    • Good Weather, Great Progress

      June 22, 2019

      An energy-efficient lakefront home in Eagle Bay is on our front burner as we move into the summer construction season.

      One of the reasons that the owners of this beautiful home selected Copper Island Fine Homes is that we’re the only Shuswap builder certified in all aspects of building green and energy efficiency. Their quest was to have a new home that would incorporate high efficiency windows, geothermal heating with steam humidification, heat recovery ventilation, solar panels, and other green features. We’ve been only too happy to make their dreams come true.

      We’ve now completed wrapping the house wrap in preparation for exterior finishing, which will incorporate Lux steel siding and soffits. Use of this incredibly strong and durable cladding material required sheer wall engineering using plywood sheeting in order to stiffen up the exterior walls.

      A decision has been made to modify the plans and expand the deck, and we’re in the process of pouring new deck post footings to facilitate this. Once the deck has been expanded, we’ll be installing a gorgeous outdoor fireplace.

      We’ll also soon be pouring the garage slab, once it has been prepped for radiant heat and drywall is complete. The house has been insulated and boarded, and taping is now underway.

      Watch for more updates soon. This home is scheduled for completion in early fall, so it’s all hands on deck!

    • A Strong Foundation

      June 12, 2019

      Just as we’re bringing several homes to a conclusion, we’re also sinking our teeth into several new projects. One of those is in McArthur Heights, where we’ve resumed work in earnest on a stunning West Coast contemporary home that will offer outstanding views of the Shuswap Lake looking west. Prior to road bans, our crews worked hard to pour the home’s foundation, allowing the concrete to cure to virtually full strength prior to additional work commencing. Now, with road bans removed, we’ve been able to truck materials to the job site and get on with the work of preparing the foundation for framing.

      Perimeter drains have been installed, and all slab areas for the garage, basement, lower deck and driveway have been filled and compacted with engineered backfill materials. We’ve also trucked in some fill material and placed it on the outside of the lower deck on the lake side to improve walkability around house. The lot will also feature a rock retaining wall, and we’ve now added drain rock and filter cloth at its location and are awaiting backfilling. More rock from onsite excavation has been relocated to form future retaining of the upper bank.

      The septic system design and location have been approved by the Ministry of Health, and work will commence on that this month.

      In the basement, underground plumbing and radon prevention will also begin shortly. Our clients are also reviewing the pros and cons of installing a radiant floor heat system in the basement slab and a decision will be made shortly.

      Watch for updates as construction of this fine home continues throughout the summer months.

    • Final Push in Eagle Bay

      June 04, 2019

      It’s all hands on deck as we bring a very special home to completion in Eagle Bay.

      The project, which we were entrusted with by clients who are relocating from Kelowna, has involved thoroughly modernizing an existing lakefront home—and adding some 2,400 additional square feet of newly constructed living space. The end result is shaping up to be a thoughtful and stunning blend of old and new, tailored to our clients’ needs and desires.

      Our crews are working hard to complete the home by mid-June.

      Outside, we’ve done extensive landscaping. New side and rear retaining walls are complete, and in the days ahead, we’ll be completing the front retaining walls, as well as installing pavers in the carport. On the deck, we’ve just completed the custom wood soffiting, which looks stunning. Aluminum deck stairs are in production and will be installed next week. We’ll also be completing stonework on all posts and columns.

      Inside, cabinet counter tops have been installed. Tile flooring is complete in all bathrooms, laundry, entry and fireplace, and hardwood is also nearing completion. Carpet is also being currently being installed. The fireplace wall stone has been installed, and the custom ensuite shower is complete. Closet hardware has been completed, interior doors are being installed, baseboards and window casings are completed, and final painting and touchups are underway. The pièce de résistance is the custom stairway connecting the first and second floors—offsite construction is complete and installation will commence shortly.

      The entire jobsite is a whirlwind of activity, and it’s amazing to see all of our employees and subtrades bring a project of this magnitude to completion with such skill and professionalism. Our thanks to all those who have been involved in this amazing project.

    • Energy Efficiency in Eagle Bay

      May 25, 2019

      Copper Island Fine Homes is the only Shuswap builder that is certified in all aspects of building green and energy efficient homes, and we’re bringing all of our hard-won expertise to the job as we continue construction of this stunning lakefront home in Eagle Bay.

      Our clients, who are Canadians currently living in Qatar, wanted to ensure their home incorporated the maximum number of energy efficient features into their dream home. High efficiency windows, geothermal heating with steam humidification and heat recovery ventilation, and solar panels are just a few of the features that will yield dividends for our clients for years to come.

      We’re making excellent progress on the project. The house has now been completed to lock-up stage, allowing for completion of rough-ins for HVAC and plumbing. We’re also nearing completion of electrical and security system rough-ins. Rough-ins have also been completed for the home’s extensive automation features. All of this is allowing us to move forward into the insulation phase, which will be closely followed by drywall.

      Outside, septic tanks have been installed and backfilled, and we’re preparing to move forward with rock retaining walls and other landscaping.

      “This is an exciting project for all of us,” says Greg Vistisen, Copper Island Fine Homes CEO. “Obviously, it’s hugely exciting for our clients, who are incredibly well-informed about energy efficiency. But it’s also a superb project for all of us here at Copper Island Fine Homes, including our staff and all of the various sub-trades who work with us. More and more, we find ourselves building for clients who demand various energy efficiency and automation features, but it’s not often when we all get to build a home that makes such extensive use of all the very latest technologies. That’s why this job-site is such a pleasure to visit—everyone working here gets a great opportunity to bring so many aspects of their green building training to the fore.”

      The home is scheduled for completion in early fall.

    • Anglemont Lakefront on Schedule

      May 15, 2019

      Better weather has arrived, and it’s allowing us to make great progress with all of the 13 projects we have underway, including this custom West Coast home that we’re building on the North Shore. With framing largely concluded, we can now begin visualizing the finished space—and enjoying the spectacular lake view this home will offer the owners when complete.

      Some of the progress we’ve made to date with this home includes backfilling the foundation, construction of natural rock retaining walls, and finishing the driveway grade in preparation for concrete. The waterproof roofing membrane has been installed, and metal roofing plus snow stops are now scheduled. Windows and exterior doors are also on site and currently being installed.

      In the basement, the lower floor underground plumbing, radon rock, vapour barrier, R14 slab insulation, radiant heat piping (see photos) have all been installed, and concrete has now been poured.

      Our clients have been extremely diligent choosing finishes, which helps immensely in terms of keeping the project on track. Outside, garage doors have been ordered and are scheduled for install after the drywall has been installed in the garage. Siding material is on order, as is vinyl decking and masonry materials. Inside, the fireplace has been confirmed and ordered. So too have plumbing fixtures, with plumbing installation beginning next week. Light fixtures, cabinets, appliances and finishing trims have all been chosen and ordered as well.

      Occupancy for this stunning home is scheduled for October, and given the combined team effort from the clients, our staff and our sub-trades, we anticipate having no problem meeting the deadline.

    • Lakeview Log Gem

      April 29, 2019

      One of several projects we’re bringing to completion this spring is a contemporary log dwelling, being constructed in Cedar Heights with magnificent views of the Shuswap Lake.

      Construction of this three story home is slightly behind schedule due to cold weather and challenges experienced by the homeowners, who are from the Lower Mainland, in terms of choosing products and finishing touches. This can be a very difficult process for many clients, particularly with larger homes being built for retirement...perfection is always the goal, and that requires planning and hard work! We’re happy to say that we’ve all been making progress and we’re now moving forward at a comfortable pace with the finishing process.

      A home of this type requires structural framing engineering reviews. We’re pleased but not surprised to report that we’ve completed and passed these reviews with flying colours.

      Currently, custom wood windows have been installed, along with temporary exterior construction doors. Electrical rough-in is well underway, and wood burning and gas fireplaces have been installed. The metal standing seam roof is complete, including a rear turret copper roofing upgrade. Sunroom glass panels are on order, while structural panel supports are in place as well as custom fir beams. A two-ply torch-on subdeck with flashing has been installed, and we’re now waiting for road ban removal in order to pour and finish the stamped concrete deck.

      This home features an incredibly efficient geothermal heating and cooling system. The vertical drilling is now complete and the interior system installed.

      All interior bathroom walls have been prepped with slip plates for future cabinetry installs (cabinets install over slip plates which allow for log settlement over time). Plumbers have been scheduled and fixtures ordered, including jetted tubs. A three-story dumb waiter has also been installed.

      We also just completed the interior and exterior log sandblasting, and staining is now underway.

      This has been a gratifying project to lead—one that’s really allowed us to grow our expertise into some new areas. We’re grateful to the clients for allowing us to build their retirement dream home.

    • Ambitious Project Nearing Completion

      April 13, 2019

      Better weather means a drier, cleaner building site, and that’s allowing us to make great progress with a unique project we’re now bringing to a close in Eagle Bay.

      The project, which we started last fall, involves renovating and adding significant new living space to existing summer lakefront home that was no longer meeting our clients’ needs. In addition to modernizing the existing structure, we’ve added 2,400 square feet of living space through new construction.

      In the original section of the home, mechanical upgrades, drywall repairs, and window and door replacements are now complete. Meanwhile, painting in the new section of the home is nearing completion. Finishing materials (stairs, trims and beams) and interior doors are now onsite awaiting installation. Flooring tile is underway, while cabinets are scheduled for install on April 24.

      Outside, aluminum soffits for the majority of the home are complete, while stained cedar engineered soffits for the lakeside of the home have been ordered and will be installed upon delivery. Duradek install is complete, and a number of unique exterior finishing touches are underway, including custom deck posts with tapered smart trim, and custom checker plate aluminum deck stairs.

      Septic system installation is also underway, and one complete, work will begin on landscaping and Allan Block retaining walls. The challenging integration from the existing access road to a new driveway with adequate turnaround space is also in progress.

      We’re happy to report that we’re on schedule for end-of-May delivery. What’s made this project such a pleasure to work on is the complete, hands-on involvement of our clients, who are relocating from Kelowna. Our thanks to them for allowing Copper Island to build their Shuswap dream.

    • The Sounds of Spring

      April 05, 2019

      Birds chirping, boats on the lake, people out gardening and walking, and of course, hammers and saws: these are all the sounds of spring in the Shuswap.

      Each year, when the snow and cold finally recede, there’s always a brief window of opportunity for us to pour foundations for the year’s slate of new home projects. The timing is critical--if we wait too long, we miss the chance to deliver concrete and other heavy materials to our jobs, given the inevitable road bans that the government imposes during the critical thaw period. Naturally, failing to pour new foundations during this time can jeopardize the entire building schedule, so we’re very diligent and focused on deadlines at this time of the year.

      That’s certainly been the case with this beautiful new home we’ve commenced in MacArthur Heights for clients relocating from the Lower Mainland. Our diligent, hardworking foundation crew did an outstanding job working through extreme weather conditions on a challenging lot. The result was that we were able to pour and subsequently strip the home’s foundation walls. However, February’s extreme -20 degree cold snap did set us back somewhat, preventing us from our goal of having the foundation back-filled prior to road bans. Our goal is to make up for lost time when we are finally able to move machinery and materials onsite later in the spring.

      Behind the scenes, our clients are currently meeting with our interior design team to start selections for plumbing fixtures, cabinets, appliances, stairwell design, windows and doors. Exterior selections are primarily complete. We’re also busy planning with the excavations necessary for septic system and retaining walls.

      When complete, this West Coast contemporary home will offer outstanding west-facing Shuswap lake views. We’ve been particularly gratified to hear from neighbourhood walkers, who have repeatedly commented about how nicely the foundation fits on the lot.

    • McArthur Heights Wrap Up

      March 29, 2019

      In our business, few things are more satisfying than seeing a project come together at the end of the building process, with the result being a beautiful new home completed on-schedule for happy and satisfied clients.

      That's certainly been the case this month for Copper Island Fine Homes staff and sub-trades, as we've worked hard together to put the finishing touches on a this beautiful walkout basement rancher in MacArthur Heights.

      When you view the finished product, it's easy to be hypnotized by the incredible views offered from inside and outside of the Shuswap Lake, Blind Bay, and the distant horizon. But you can't forget about all the details and finishing that make this home the spectacular beauty that it is. Inside, the custom cabinetry, beautiful cable stair railings and stained hand-hewn beams are just a few of the outstanding features. Outside is just as impressive: stained fir beams, custom deck metal posts with cable railing, 18” x 18” deck pavers, an Alan Block retaining wall, and Rocky Mountain Prostack Ledgestone cultured stone combined with HardiPlank all contribute to make this home incredible.

      Our clients have been extensively engaged during the entire construction process, and their contributions can't be understated when it comes to the underlying reasons for this build's success. Our thanks to them for allowing us to build their Shuswap dream.

    • Making Hay in Anglemont

      March 19, 2019

      As farmers are fond of saying, the best time to make hay is when the sun is shining. In the house construction industry, we also like to take advantage of good weather. That's certainly the case at the beautiful new lakefront home we're working on in Anglemont, on the Shuswap's North Shore.

      With the frigid temperatures of February behind us, we've completed foundation backfilling and radon protection, and we've also been able to complete the subfloor in the sunny weather.

      We're also well into the selections process with our clients. Windows and doors have been chosen and ordered, as have the garage doors. Plumbing fixtures have also been selected, and we're getting close to finalizing cabinetry and appliance selections. And we're also very close to making final selections with flooring.

      Our clients are also making last minute decisions regarding heating and ventilation choices, and are considering upgrading to a lower floor radiant heat system -- an excellent way to keep a basement warm and cozy during the cooler winter months.

      Meanwhile, we've finished drilling out our lake water piping system. A septic design has been finalized, and installation will commence when the snow melts and ground conditions allow.

      This home, located in a spectacular Shuswap setting, should be completed on time this summer. Our thanks to our clients for allowing us to build their Shuswap dream!