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    • Blind Bay Renovation

      April 21, 2017
      Everyone, including the home owners, are working overtime on this renovation in an effort to meet a May long weekend time occupancy.

      Furnace has been replaced and cold air returns have been added to improve indoor air circulation.

      Windows and exterior doors are installed and spray foam insulated.

      Issue prone Poly B waterlines have been removed and replaced with updated Pex piping throughout.

      Interior textured ceilings have been scraped on both floors and floated in preparation for future painted ceilings. Numerous drywall repairs and touch-ups have also been completed.

      Interior doors, hardware, finishing trims and stair hand-railing and spindles are on site and installing.

      Cabinets and flooring are scheduled for installation early next week just after ceiling, kitchen and bathroom wall painting.

      Siding replacement is underway on the house and new siding is also being installed on the new backyard shop now that its roof shingles are complete.

      A backyard pool has been installed and waiting for 50% road bans to lift for concrete placing and finishing.

      Nothing like a full house full of trades!

    • Scotch Creek Waterfront Framing

      April 21, 2017
      Although mother nature's sense of humor this Spring has been challenging, with higher than normal amounts of wind and rain, framing continues to progress nicely on this Scotch Creek waterfront home.

      Engineered structural steel sheer walls are now in place, having been assembled on site and erected by crane.

      Basement and crawlspace concrete has been placed and finished.

      Stained timber frame product is arriving to match construction schedules to ensure minimal weathering and potential for damage during construction.

      Temporary stairs from the main to upper floor are in place to enable easy access for trades and home owners while CAD drawings are finalizing for a future curved and open staircase.

      99% of the finishing selections have been confirmed, a testament to the commitment and focus of both the home owners, Bill & Ina, as well as interior designer, Kevin Gray. Job well done!

      Heating and Ventilation systems are finalized, including multi-zoned radiant floor heat for both floors, Lennox zoned high velocity heating and cooling, heat recovery ventilation, Panasonic low sone bath fans and evaporative steam humidification.

      Plumbing systems include Bosch gas boiler controlled domestic and radiant water, whole house reverse osmosis, level entry showers and select cast iron sound control piping.

      Roof trusses are in production and scheduled for arrival toward month's end.

      Enviroslate roofing with ridge venting and engineered snow stops are ordered and scheduled for install.

    • St. Ive's Finishing & Yard Progress

      April 21, 2017
      Finishing is progressing nicely on this North Shore waterfront home. Basement interior doors, window and door trims and baseboards are installed with 50% of the main floor now complete.

      Finishing carpenters are installing the final wood pieces today on the great room ceiling and hand-wiping their work prior to scaffolding removal.

      Cabinets are installed and awaiting counter tops. Flooring is scheduled. Appliance and lighting delivery have been arranged.

      Exterior yard work includes the completion of a front yard septic field retaining wall and driveway ground preparation.

      Crews are working diligently to have the majority of exterior work complete prior to the May long weekend. Always nice freeing up access and parking space for the community!

    • St. Ive's Finishing

      April 07, 2017
      Finishing work is well underway with custom window liner, baseboard and window casing installation. Painters are standing by to spray finish all wall finishing trims.

      Exterior siding is complete and subject to a quality control inspection and final calking and touch-ups.

      Cabinets, flooring and custom stair railings are scheduled and installing upon completion of wood ceiling finishing.

      Upper yard concrete retaining walls are under construction with an anticipated pour this week. Septic field pipe and upper yard installation is scheduled upon form stripping and water-proofing membrane installation. Driveways have been prepared for future finishing.

      Ceiling wood materials are currently being sprayed in preparation for next week's installation.

    • North Shore Foundation Completed

      March 30, 2017
      Spring has finally sprung, resulting in perfect foundation concrete pour temperatures.

      Foundation forms are stripped, inspected and sealed. Perimeter drains are in place and foundation backfill is complete. Concrete is in perfect condition with no voids or cracks.

      Crawlspace radon drain rock and piping is in place and garage is back-filled with drain rock for best compaction. Vapor barrier is in place and sealed to the foundation walls for next week's concrete pour.

      Although geotechnical soils analysis revealed positive soils drainage, conversations with neighbors revealed evidence of seasonal high water tables from Ross Creek. Due diligence necessitated the installation of a crawlspace sump pump.

      Floor joists are ordered.

    • North Shore Footings

      March 03, 2017
      Although not unexpected this time of year, it is amazing the difference in weather a day can bring.

      Geotechnical soils engineering inspections passed, confirming excellent ground conditions for both construction and site drainage.

      Structural engineering reviews identified an unexpected requirement for sheer wall framing within the house plus additional specialized footing and foundation wall anchor bolts. Another good reason to utilize structural engineering for plan reviews.

      Footing Building Inspections passed with flying colors.

      Over-night temperatures were tracked and sub zero temperatures resulted in insulated tarp protection over the foundation dig and concrete coverage post footing pour. Hot water and high early chemicals were added to footing concrete and concrete strength has been increased 20% as protective measures. The over-night snows transitioned nicely to a relatively warm and overcast morning and a perfect concrete pour.

      Timber frame plan drawings are approved, passed by structural engineering and currently in production.

      Don and Vivian are currently reviewing interior door, finishing trim plus window and exterior door finishes. Cabinet plan and elevation drawings are in production.

      Looking forward to next week's foundation pour.

    • South Shore Renovation & Shop Addition

      March 01, 2017
      Efforts were made to ensure excavation, forming, concrete pour and backfill were completed prior to Spring 50% road bans on this new shop/pool house addition and basement craft room addition. Made it with 1 day to spare!

      Current efforts include interior demolition of walls, drywall stipple ceilings, flooring, cabinets, lighting, trims along with new wall re-framing and mechanical rough-ins. Rob and Ann are proving extremely resourceful and helpful while they enjoy the demolition process.

      Cabinet plan and elevation drawings are in progress, as well as window and door selections. Design goals include adding significant kitchen natural light, creating more usable kitchen space, creating an open concept kitchen-dining-living area, plus updating both interior and exterior finishes.

      Looking forward to helping Rob and Ann transform this house into their new home.

    • St. Ives Siding & Insulation

      February 24, 2017
      Construction is progressing nicely on this St. Ives waterfront home thanks to our team and Ed and June's outstanding attention to detail.

      Insulation is now complete and siding is well underway. Nice to see the weather starting to cooperate.

      Drywall board has loaded. Cabinets, flooring, painting and finishing materials are all scheduled.

      Plans are ongoing for a driveway retaining wall which is designed to retain an upper yard and septic field. Just waiting for siding completion and a bit warmer weather.

    • Highlands Progress

      February 24, 2017
      Finishing stages are progressing nicely on this Shuswap Lake Estates view home. The team has worked well to gain back scheduling delays that resulted from our drywall boarder's broken toe. Always something interesting!

      Cabinets are installed, as are custom stained stair railings and spindles. A custom fireplace mantle is being finished and stained.

      Bathroom floor tile is complete and just waiting for finish grout. Hardwood starts this week and carpet is being held off until sub-trade traffic becomes manageable.

      The majority of the siding is now complete and just waiting for warmer weather for final calking and touch-ups. Masonry stone is ordered and will be arriving along with warmer weather.

      The crews are waiting patiently for Spring, the removal of road bans and an opportunity to put the finishing touches on Brian and Sherry's concrete entry stairs and driveway.

    • Scotch Creek Framing Begins

      February 24, 2017
      Crawlspace subfloor is now complete and main floor framing is in progress. 2x8 floor plates are being installed beneath 2x6 exterior wall plates as guides for future radiant floor heating and concrete preparation. Just waiting for mother nature to turn the dial up a bit before adding basement rebar and concrete.

      Structural engineering prescriptions for lakeside twin steel H beam structures are in the manufacturing stage, as are exterior Fir timber frame assemblies (see attached). A production slot has been reserved for custom metal clad windows which are just waiting for final confirmation once all steel assemblies are in place.

      Appliances have finalized and in time for kitchen wall adjustments.

      Custom elevator is ordered and structural engineering discussions are on-going to improve elevator assembly rear wall framing. Always looking to improve.

      Interior stairway design discussions are taking place, to be confirmed with scale CAD drawings. Hardwood flooring selections are finalizing, with the finish influencing stairway stain color.

      Interior and exterior finishing selections are progressing nicely and well within schedule. Hats off to Bill and Ina for their outstanding commitment.

      Custom stone for the interior and exterior is ordered with production time frames upwards of 6 months. Its getting busy out there! Siding material options are being explored.