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    • St. Ive's Lakeshore Renewal

      September 16, 2017
      Permitting is nearing completion for this beautiful lakeside renewal. This includes a CSRD Building Permit, 100 m Lakes Development Permit and Ministry of Environment Riparian approval.

      Riparian assessments allow for the total removal of the existing house but re-use of the existing footings and foundation walls. Changes to neighborhood zoning allows for a foundation extension away from the lake. Challenges include machine access, removal of the existing North foundation wall and construction of new foundation wall extension with heights approaching 22'.

      New plan designs allow for improved lake views, better deck use and enhanced interior living spaces, not to mention an updated West Coast design. Re-configuring the interior stairway allows for main road access which posed a challenge in the past, having to access the house via a side door involving a walk down set of stairs. Interior stairs have been upgraded to suspended steel stringers with open Douglas Fir treads.

      Windows, doors and cabinets have been removed and re-utilized. Construction power is active and disconnected from the home. Demolition plans are in place and crews are standing by to start drywall and insulation removal for landfill separation once permits are approved.

    • Eagle Bay Waterfront Retaining

      September 02, 2017
      Retaining wall forming is well underway on this Eagle Bay waterfront residence after receiving approvals from the CSRD and Ministry of Environment for work within the Riparian zone. Existing failed retaining walls were removed, along with outdated septic tanks and failing concrete deck stairs.

      Septic treatment plant installation with field time dosing system is underway and relocated further from its original near lake location. Sub-surface rock is posing challenges for the install crews and hydrology engineers are on site reviewing options.

      Steel beams have finished production and awaiting pickup for future install to replace lower lakeside aged decking. Structural engineering and steel beam construction allow for improved deck space with cantilever over lakeside retaining walls.

      Future work includes replacement of upper lakeside decking and rails, new roofing, fascia, soffits and gutters plus asphalt drive, concrete walks and entry stairs.

    • Scotch Creek Waterfront Mechanicals

      September 02, 2017
      Hats off to the sub-trades, designer, our crew plus Bill and Ina for maintaining a positive and effective construction environment. Not only are the mechanical installations professional in both appearance and design, their installation was performed in such an efficient manner that  our construction schedule is now back on track after having lost several weeks to winter weather and permitting challenges.

      Enviroslate roofing with snow stops are completed. Custom Douglas Fir stained beams are in place, both inside and out. Siding materials are in shipping. Specialty Douglas Fir vertical grain soffits and 3 step Fascia are in production, as are matching interior ceiling Douglas Fir roofing.

      Hydronic floor heating installations are completed on the upper floor with concrete topping scheduled for this upcoming week. Bosch boiler for in floor heating and indirect water heater for domestic water are installed. Future installs include main floor completion and exterior concrete decking for winter ice control.

      2 Hi Velocity Lennox blower units with cooling and hot water heating coils are completed, integrated with a 5 zone forced air system for increased comfort and efficiency. Ventilation includes 9 low sone bath fans for quiet operation, Lennox Heat Recovery Ventilator for improved air quality, and 2 Desert Springs evaporative humidifiers.

      Plumbing pipe with fixture rough-ins are completed, including whole house water filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, reverse osmosis, dedicated hot water re-circulation zones, cast iron piping drain sound dampening and Sun Pack deck heaters. Shower floor joists have been modified for level entry.

      A Majestic Design see through wood burning fireplace with gas log lighter in the great room is completed, along with a master bedroom gas burning Valor. Roof chimney chase is complete for a future lower entry deck wood burning fireplace, which is currently in production.

      Home Automation rough-in is completed, including Control 4 network, Tekmar heating and cooling integration, Dolby Atmos home entertainment with 120" acoustically transparent 4K screen, smart light programming and zoned sound for inside and out.

      Electrical and Security rough-in wiring is nearing completion and finalizes prior to month's end and includes a whole house back up generator with auto transfer and gas backup. Gutter snow melt system to follow.

      Hybrid Drive elevator rough-in is completed and in use assisting the crews with gear and people movement over 3 floors. What a treat!

      Design planning is underway with AutoCad custom curved stairs and specialty interior wood finishing. 

      Custom metal clad wood windows are in production, along with custom doors, with expected arrival and installation early October after drywall installation.

      Natural Stone installation to start shortly, both inside and out, and includes significant exterior siding, decks, fireplace chimney chases and interior curved stair wall and fireplaces.

      Structural Engineering and Quality Control inspections are on-going in anticipation of closed cell spray foam application.

    • Scotch Creek Waterfront Demolition

      August 25, 2017
      Demolition is well underway on this Scotch Creek waterfront modular home removal.

      Building Permits have been obtained from the CSRD, along with Development Permits, which have included extensive planning and site surveys for riparian, hydrology, septic, archaeology and geotechnical engineering.

      Final house plans are complete for a contemporary 1864 SF rancher on crawlspace with attached garage.

      Recent site meetings with home-owners, excavation, landscaping and retaining walls have helped conceptualize future house and yard layouts.

      Underground water line boring is scheduled, along with installation of a new water pump and decommissioning of an existing water well.

    • Eagle Bay Waterfront Finishing

      July 02, 2017
      Finishing exterior touches are scheduled for the lower deck area and timed to match falling lake levels. A bit too challenging working with power equipment in hip waders!

      Exterior siding is now complete, looks stunning and fits very nicely with the surrounding environment.

      Interior finishing is in progress with completion of custom ceiling beams and installation of stained wood liners and interior wood doors. Baseboards are currently being stained and clear coated for installation after flooring completion.

      Cabinets are in place and flooring is scheduled for the week of July 3rd.

      Septic tank installation presented a few challenges with stubborn bedrock and the need to use explosives. All is now in place, including a brand new septic field, and ready for use.

      Finishing crews have been doubled in an effort to improve the construction schedule and make this waterfront haven available for a late summer wedding. It's busy out there!

    • Ross Creek Waterfront Framing

      July 02, 2017
      Weather is cooperating nicely for the framing of this Ross Creek waterfront residence.

      Trusses are installing along with stained timber frame accents on the front of the home with the rear soon to follow. Roofers are scheduled and 50 year asphalt shingles are on order.

      Custom made wood windows are in production, a long with matching factory stained trims for that perfect match.

      Landscapers are currently reviewing design plans which include low maintenance planting zones and natural rock walls.

      Custom cabinetry with built-in plan designs are finalizing to be followed with sub-floor layouts to help support plumbers, heating and ventilation and electrical crews with their layouts.

      Challenge now is finding 6 weeks in the schedule lost due to inclement weather and structural engineering upgrades. It's busy out there!

    • Scotch Creek Waterfront Roofing

      July 02, 2017
      As the high water subsides, framing comes to a completion on this impressive Scotch Creek waterfront home. Timber frame posts, beams and arches are also stained and in place.

      Weatherproofing has started on the roof. Stone Grey Enviroslate shingles are on site and awaiting installation, as well as Alpine snow guards.

      Mechanical installations start July 3rd with plumbing rough-ins with heating and ventilation following over the next 2 - 3 weeks. This includes radiant floor heating on the main and upper floors. Cabinetry will support plumbers, heating and ventilation and electricians by laying out all cabinetry on the sub-floors.

      Elevator rough-ins are occurring just prior to electrical stage. Electrical meetings have finalized rough-in plans along with ensuring seamless coordination with home automation.

      Custom wood windows are in production with factory stain which are to be installed without liners prior to drywall as a protective measure. Corresponding wood trims are also being factory stained at the same time to ensure a perfect match.

      Challenge now is to recover 6 weeks in the schedule lost to harsh winter weather and timber frame production delays. It's busy out there!

    • Salmon Arm & Valley Lane

      April 27, 2017
      Building Permit and plan approvals have been received for a 1485 SF rancher in Salmon Arm's newest strata retirement community, Village Lane.

      Planning is currently underway for survey placement, excavation start dates and geotechnical engineering reviews. Preliminary site survey lot plan reviews indicated a need to adjust the house to fit sanitary, storm and municipal water services. Glad we checked!

      Early geotechnical consults indicate a possibility of underground water and a requirement for a modest amount of engineered backfill. All parties have been advised and time has been added to the construction schedule to meet this potential requirement.

      New Home Warranty and WCB documents have been registered. Electrical service applications are complete for soon to be installed temporary construction power.

      Foundation and framing packages are organized and ready for an on-site construction orientation meeting.

      Although foundations have yet to be excavated, landscape planning and design is underway in an effort to meet a Fall occupancy. Buried irrigation lawn and shrub drip systems are coordinating with a modified Japanese garden theme.

    • Blind Bay Renovation

      April 21, 2017
      Everyone, including the home owners, are working overtime on this renovation in an effort to meet a May long weekend time occupancy.

      Furnace has been replaced and cold air returns have been added to improve indoor air circulation.

      Windows and exterior doors are installed and spray foam insulated.

      Issue prone Poly B waterlines have been removed and replaced with updated Pex piping throughout.

      Interior textured ceilings have been scraped on both floors and floated in preparation for future painted ceilings. Numerous drywall repairs and touch-ups have also been completed.

      Interior doors, hardware, finishing trims and stair hand-railing and spindles are on site and installing.

      Cabinets and flooring are scheduled for installation early next week just after ceiling, kitchen and bathroom wall painting.

      Siding replacement is underway on the house and new siding is also being installed on the new backyard shop now that its roof shingles are complete.

      A backyard pool has been installed and waiting for 50% road bans to lift for concrete placing and finishing.

      Nothing like a full house full of trades!

    • Scotch Creek Waterfront Framing

      April 21, 2017
      Although mother nature's sense of humor this Spring has been challenging, with higher than normal amounts of wind and rain, framing continues to progress nicely on this Scotch Creek waterfront home.

      Engineered structural steel sheer walls are now in place, having been assembled on site and erected by crane.

      Basement and crawlspace concrete has been placed and finished.

      Stained timber frame product is arriving to match construction schedules to ensure minimal weathering and potential for damage during construction.

      Temporary stairs from the main to upper floor are in place to enable easy access for trades and home owners while CAD drawings are finalizing for a future curved and open staircase.

      99% of the finishing selections have been confirmed, a testament to the commitment and focus of both the home owners, Bill & Ina, as well as interior designer, Kevin Gray. Job well done!

      Heating and Ventilation systems are finalized, including multi-zoned radiant floor heat for both floors, Lennox zoned high velocity heating and cooling, heat recovery ventilation, Panasonic low sone bath fans and evaporative steam humidification.

      Plumbing systems include Bosch gas boiler controlled domestic and radiant water, whole house reverse osmosis, level entry showers and select cast iron sound control piping.

      Roof trusses are in production and scheduled for arrival toward month's end.

      Enviroslate roofing with ridge venting and engineered snow stops are ordered and scheduled for install.