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    • Making Hay in Anglemont

      March 19, 2019

      As farmers are fond of saying, the best time to make hay is when the sun is shining. In the house construction industry, we also like to take advantage of good weather. That's certainly the case at the beautiful new lakefront home we're working on in Anglemont, on the Shuswap's North Shore.

      With the frigid temperatures of February behind us, we've completed foundation backfilling and radon protection, and we've also been able to complete the subfloor in the sunny weather.

      We're also well into the selections process with our clients. Windows and doors have been chosen and ordered, as have the garage doors. Plumbing fixtures have also been selected, and we're getting close to finalizing cabinetry and appliance selections. And we're also very close to making final selections with flooring.

      Our clients are also making last minute decisions regarding heating and ventilation choices, and are considering upgrading to a lower floor radiant heat system -- an excellent way to keep a basement warm and cozy during the cooler winter months.

      Meanwhile, we've finished drilling out our lake water piping system. A septic design has been finalized, and installation will commence when the snow melts and ground conditions allow.

      This home, located in a spectacular Shuswap setting, should be completed on time this summer. Our thanks to our clients for allowing us to build their Shuswap dream!