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    • Another CIFH First: Net Zero

      December 05, 2018

      Copper Island Fine Homes has always been first when it comes to builder qualifications and certifications in the Shuswap. Recently, we notched another first by achieving our Canadian Home Builders' Association Net Zero certification.

      A Net Zero home is so energy efficient, it only uses as much energy as it can produce from on-site renewable energy such as solar and geothermal. Such homes are designed, modelled and constructed to produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis.

      As a result, a Net Zero home is 80 percent more energy efficient than a home built to conventional standards. So a Net Zero home protects you from future increases in energy prices. Over the years, that could be a very big deal. And a Net Zero home is also more durable, given its high performance, warm windows and better insulated walls and roof.

      Advanced construction methods and materials along with superior heating, cooling and ventilation equipment means even temperatures throughout the house, along with exceptional indoor air quality for healthier living. A built-in filtered fresh air system reduces allergens and asthma triggers, such as dust, pollen and outdoor air pollution.

      And because they are tightly built and well insulated, a Net Zero Home is quieter--outside noise such as traffic, lawnmowers and barking dogs are virtually silenced.

      If you're interested in having your new Shuswap dream home being Net Zero, Copper Island Fine Homes is the only contractor in our area who is qualified to help you. Please contact us for more information.