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    • Lakefront Makeover

      July 27, 2018

      It's not always about new house construction here at Copper Island Fine Homes. For the past seven years, we've also specialized in renovations. And sometimes, a renovation can turn into an intriguing project. That's certainly been the case with an exterior renovation project that we recently completed on this Sorrento waterfront property.

      The owners needed a complete makeover on an aging deck and gabion/block wall. We started with a survey and a riparian assessment to determine if there were any conflicts with the property's shoreline. We then worked with the Ministry of Environment to determine the appropriate location to move the retaining wall back to, so that it conformed to the original legal boundary.

      Once that was determined, we created an engineered rock wall to replace the existing gabion wall. A new cedar deck and stairs from the upper deck were then built. The deck was completed with metal cable railing and the hot tub integrated into the structure for easier access. Another lower concrete deck, which was cracked and had drainage issues, was replaced with pavers. We then realigned the beach stairs to align better with the dock ramp. Finally, we updated the house siding to match the cedar decking, and we improved access under the deck.

      Check out the photos below. The top two are before; the bottom photo is the final result. We think it turned out exceptionally well, and we're happy to report that the owners agree!