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    • St. Ive's Lakeshore Renewal

      September 16, 2017
      Permitting is nearing completion for this beautiful lakeside renewal. This includes a CSRD Building Permit, 100 m Lakes Development Permit and Ministry of Environment Riparian approval.

      Riparian assessments allow for the total removal of the existing house but re-use of the existing footings and foundation walls. Changes to neighborhood zoning allows for a foundation extension away from the lake. Challenges include machine access, removal of the existing North foundation wall and construction of new foundation wall extension with heights approaching 22'.

      New plan designs allow for improved lake views, better deck use and enhanced interior living spaces, not to mention an updated West Coast design. Re-configuring the interior stairway allows for main road access which posed a challenge in the past, having to access the house via a side door involving a walk down set of stairs. Interior stairs have been upgraded to suspended steel stringers with open Douglas Fir treads.

      Windows, doors and cabinets have been removed and re-utilized. Construction power is active and disconnected from the home. Demolition plans are in place and crews are standing by to start drywall and insulation removal for landfill separation once permits are approved.