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    • Eagle Bay Waterfront Finishing

      July 02, 2017
      Finishing exterior touches are scheduled for the lower deck area and timed to match falling lake levels. A bit too challenging working with power equipment in hip waders!

      Exterior siding is now complete, looks stunning and fits very nicely with the surrounding environment.

      Interior finishing is in progress with completion of custom ceiling beams and installation of stained wood liners and interior wood doors. Baseboards are currently being stained and clear coated for installation after flooring completion.

      Cabinets are in place and flooring is scheduled for the week of July 3rd.

      Septic tank installation presented a few challenges with stubborn bedrock and the need to use explosives. All is now in place, including a brand new septic field, and ready for use.

      Finishing crews have been doubled in an effort to improve the construction schedule and make this waterfront haven available for a late summer wedding. It's busy out there!