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    • South Shore Renovation & Shop Addition

      March 01, 2017
      Efforts were made to ensure excavation, forming, concrete pour and backfill were completed prior to Spring 50% road bans on this new shop/pool house addition and basement craft room addition. Made it with 1 day to spare!

      Current efforts include interior demolition of walls, drywall stipple ceilings, flooring, cabinets, lighting, trims along with new wall re-framing and mechanical rough-ins. Rob and Ann are proving extremely resourceful and helpful while they enjoy the demolition process.

      Cabinet plan and elevation drawings are in progress, as well as window and door selections. Design goals include adding significant kitchen natural light, creating more usable kitchen space, creating an open concept kitchen-dining-living area, plus updating both interior and exterior finishes.

      Looking forward to helping Rob and Ann transform this house into their new home.