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    • North Shore Footings

      March 03, 2017
      Although not unexpected this time of year, it is amazing the difference in weather a day can bring.

      Geotechnical soils engineering inspections passed, confirming excellent ground conditions for both construction and site drainage.

      Structural engineering reviews identified an unexpected requirement for sheer wall framing within the house plus additional specialized footing and foundation wall anchor bolts. Another good reason to utilize structural engineering for plan reviews.

      Footing Building Inspections passed with flying colors.

      Over-night temperatures were tracked and sub zero temperatures resulted in insulated tarp protection over the foundation dig and concrete coverage post footing pour. Hot water and high early chemicals were added to footing concrete and concrete strength has been increased 20% as protective measures. The over-night snows transitioned nicely to a relatively warm and overcast morning and a perfect concrete pour.

      Timber frame plan drawings are approved, passed by structural engineering and currently in production.

      Don and Vivian are currently reviewing interior door, finishing trim plus window and exterior door finishes. Cabinet plan and elevation drawings are in production.

      Looking forward to next week's foundation pour.